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The internet is one of the largely used platforms these days. Something as simple looking up to the Google for a definition to something as complex as designing a software online, the internet is playing a pivotal role in all our lives. It is true that the internet is one of the greatest findings of the 21st century and without it survival would be impossible today. All of us are in some or the other way users of the internet and we this for sure as communication has totally backed by online tools today.

So, if everything is good in the hood where are we getting to? The internet thrives with an incomparable user base today, and the million dollar question is how safe are we? If the internet can be this useful, don’t you think it can be equally unsafe as well? That is where are getting to. With the help of the internet, we can almost get access to anything in the world, and that is why we are trying to look at the grey side as well. This is also why we launched Starttls. This site is designed to help you know a lot of technical updates with regard to networking and communication, and also understand the importance of being safe when you are using the internet to transfer information and take the help of different search engines.

There are a lot of cyber crimes happening every single minute, and it is important that you realize the importance of safe browsing. There are a lot of applications known as https security headers. Get them to work on your system, and they will simply save you from a lot of trouble. This way you can make your browsing and surfing activities safe. Each header is designed to fulfill a unique need of the user, and we have also given you the information as to how you can gain access to them.

Starttls was started with a lot of difficulties and we realize the value of the time that visitors are investing on our site. That is why we come to something new every day that will benefit the users tremendously. Make sure to visit us for regular updates, and we assure that you will not regret your decision.

In short, STARTTLS enables upgrading otherwise plaintext communication between clients and mail servers, to encrypted communication.

Clients can in this regard be both end users and other mail servers, and the latter is just as important as the former: When you send an email through your outgoing mail server, that email will potentially do multiple hops between different mail servers before reaching its destination. All of these intermediate servers will have to have strong STARTTLS support, in order for your message to not be exposed at one or more stages of its journey. enables relatively pain-free STARTTLS-testing of mail servers. Enter an email address, a server name or IP, and the result will be an indication of whether or not the server supports STARTTLS, and how solid that support is. The output is likely to change over time, as the service matures.

For further reading, you’ll find a brief technical bit in this Wikipedia article, and a blog post covering some STARTTLS statistics I gathered (focusing on Norway) here.

Servers are rated in terms similar to the Qualys SSL Labs’ SSL Rating Guide. One deviation in our rating algorithm is the reduced impact certificate validity will have: If the tested server has an expired or untrusted certificate, this will not result in a 0% score, but rather negatively offset the total score ever so slightly. Most mail servers do not check the certificates of peering servers, and this frankly isn’t the biggest security concern for STARTTLS as a whole.

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