The best free email services to use in 2019

Deciding which email or email service to start using can be a somewhat complicated task. The characteristics of each company vary, some offer advantages and other disadvantages.

In this article we offer you a guide in which we compare the most popular free email services so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

To know which email service is closest to you, you will have to take into account different factors. If you use Windows, Microsoft Office and a Windows phone, Outlook would make sense as it links these three services into one.

Similarly, people who have an Android phone or tablet and use Google services such as Google Docs, calendar, etc., will obviously feel more comfortable using Gmail.

Zoho offers similar features with applications for both iOS and Android, with a very useful interface to use if you work in a small business. And although Yahoo and GMX offer a good email system, they don’t have a wide range of extra tools.

Perhaps the two least attractive email services are iCloud and AOL Mail due to their limited range of functions (plus you can only have an iCloud email address if you have an Apple device).

Tutanota is also a somewhat limited service, but it is highly recommended for those whose privacy is a primary requirement when using an email service.

However, if we have to choose, our winners are undoubtedly Outlook and Gmail. Both are services with excellent features and software that boosts productivity.

If we had to choose between one of these two services, Outlook or Gmail, we would stay with Gmail simply because we have never experienced any problem after having used it for years.

Gmail’s latest big update ranked it number one as our favorite free email service. Its interface was redesigned with a new sidebar that integrates calendar tools and tasks.

In addition, there are several new features, such as offline mode, the ability to view email messages without opening them and the option to postpone messages by sliding until you want to see them.

You can also configure notifications that help you remember to answer important messages, in addition to setting a time limit to delete the messages you send in case you regret it.

Folders for organizing messages are replaced by tags such as work, personal and family. Clicking on a tag lists all messages tagged in it.

There are different ways to view the emails that arrive, the default will show them in order of date. Gmail can also filter the emails that arrive according to its category.

There are interface themes for web browsers and an option to use any image you want as a background. The interface on Android and iOS is slightly different, but it is well designed and easy to use.

If you want to move from another email service to Gmail, you should know that Gmail offers a system so you can transfer all messages and contacts without any problem.

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