Outlook & Yahoo Email Services

In the web version, the Outlook interface is similar to the more traditional email systems, with a list of folders on the left, inbox, drafts and sent.

Much of the screen is dedicated to viewing the contents of the folder in which you are, so you can browse the different emails within that folder or section.

Like most email systems, folders are used to organize emails, you can add new folders with the names you choose easily. Emails can be dragged to each of the folders.

A “quick view” section automatically categorizes messages similar to the Gmail system, but with more categories. You can also set patterns to assign certain messages to certain categories.

If you click on rápida quick view ’you will be able to see unread emails, messages with photos or attached documents, those with markers, etc.

Messages can be archived, which will move them to another folder, or label them to appear only in certain previews instead of in the inbox.

If you receive junk mail, Outlook automatically tries to stop you from subscribing to that contact’s newsletter to avoid such annoying emails.

You can add other email accounts, import contacts from Facebook and other websites, access them from a browser, Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Windows 8 or the Windows 10 Mail + Calendar application.

There are many intelligent functions that you will find browsing your interface a bit. For many users it is as good as Gmail.

Yahoo has a modern and current design and has several quite useful tools. Some will depend on whether you use the web browser to access your email, or if you use the iOS or Android application.

The web version is quite intuitive, you can easily locate your inbox, unwanted messages, deleted messages, etc., in addition to the list of folders you will use to organize your emails.

You can also add a preview panel so you can browse folders (such as the inbox) and read messages at the same time.

If you click on ‘folders’ on the left side of the screen, you can create extra folders to organize your messages. You can drag the emails to any of these folders to change their location. You can also mark the messages with a star or with different filters to assign them categories.

The search has been greatly improved so that you can locate messages more easily and if you are looking for a specific contact you can see all the history of conversations between you.

You can add emails from other accounts so you can see them all in one place. There is also the possibility of creating automatic reply emails when you go on vacation, and also a calendar to organize yourself.

In the Yahoo Mail app for iOS you can undo sending an email up to three seconds after sending it.

One of the most important benefits of using the Yahoo mail service is that you receive 1Tb of free storage.

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